Hi guys! So basically we've been super busy recently because you know, school and stuff but we' ve managed to take a few pretty (kind of) pictures 

We're flower twins! We got the same flowers the exact same color without even knowing!

See you soon!



Hi! So as most of you can probably tell summer's finally here! 😄 and we are super excited about it, so here's a bunch of summer themed pics we took in the past few days!

Also it's the end of May which means school's ending soon (yay) but there's sooo much work we both have to do, Natasza's playing her violin 24/7 and I'm sitting here writing some freaking essays so yeah, it's really great 

As soon as we're done with all the mess we're in right now we will try to arrange another photoshoot so stay tuned for that (also we have some we haven't posted yet, so hopefully they'll be up soon!)

love xx



Congratulations!! Yesterday Marysia has hit 3k followers! I'm so happy for you :) 
And I'm still stuck on 11k ...;) 

So hello everybody! I have to photos from Instagram to share with you today. 
Who remembers this Vogue issue? September, huh? Marysia, give it back to me please ;) Btw I love this photo! I really don't like this month's cover and this is one of my favorites,
A bit boring but I was again with detoxwater in car on my way to music school. This photo probably doesn't suit my feed but... Well, I don't really care. 

Xxx Nathacha 



I'm so sorry that the post comes a day later! I was super busy (still am), and Marysia ummm.... Had some physics to do. 
So today I want to share with you you some things! Marysia is hitting more and more followers, I'm so happy for her! And here is an amazing photo that she's put on Instagram yesterday 

Oh, so lovely! 
And my feed is probably a bit messy 😂 because I'm looking for what I want to do with this?! But it will get ok soon I hope. 

Here is one of my outfit posts and next with my ... Socks 😜 

And here are some things that I haven't post yet, but I love them! 

I know the quality is... I just know. But it's my favorite Instagram selfie I've ever took! 

So please wish Marysia good luck on her physics and I need to go to school! 




Today we would like to share (as we said in our previous post, go check it out if you haven't already) a bit of our everyday lives. Natasza is currently somewhere in the countryside, practising violin for her concert and reading magazines.

And I'm sitting here drawing little alien-looking twins, because why not. I really love making little doodles like that, especially when coloured hair is involved. 

Also what i thought i would do today is a little tutorial on drawing eyes. Besides hair, they're my favourite part of every drawing.
1. Draw a circle with two smaller ones inside it. That's the pupil.
2. Fill in the outline and prepare colors for your eye, three or four are usually enough. 
3. Draw the outline of the eye with the darkest color and add a little zig-zag right next to it.
4. Do the same thing with every color, the lines don't need to be perfect, it really doesn't matter.
5. Fill in every area between the zig-zags with a different color, try to blend them all together.
6. Done! 
7. You can also add an outline of a regular eye and an eyebrow of whatever if you draw regular humans, I just prefer little aliens ❤️


@thebroccoliqueen x @natackaa

Hello there everyone!
So as you can probably see, we decided to change our blog a little bit. We want to share our everyday life (and by that I mean our Instagrams) and just stuff about ourselves rather than posting a photoshoot once a month or two weeks. We will also share some of our inspirations and just basically everything we like. Don't worry, we will still post the photoshoots from time to time. One more thing is we both got featured on the Instagram suggested usesrs list and it's just INSANE and we would like to share some of our favourite photos with you (go to our profiles to see more!)