Today we would like to share (as we said in our previous post, go check it out if you haven't already) a bit of our everyday lives. Natasza is currently somewhere in the countryside, practising violin for her concert and reading magazines.

And I'm sitting here drawing little alien-looking twins, because why not. I really love making little doodles like that, especially when coloured hair is involved. 

Also what i thought i would do today is a little tutorial on drawing eyes. Besides hair, they're my favourite part of every drawing.
1. Draw a circle with two smaller ones inside it. That's the pupil.
2. Fill in the outline and prepare colors for your eye, three or four are usually enough. 
3. Draw the outline of the eye with the darkest color and add a little zig-zag right next to it.
4. Do the same thing with every color, the lines don't need to be perfect, it really doesn't matter.
5. Fill in every area between the zig-zags with a different color, try to blend them all together.
6. Done! 
7. You can also add an outline of a regular eye and an eyebrow of whatever if you draw regular humans, I just prefer little aliens ❤️

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