I'm so sorry that the post comes a day later! I was super busy (still am), and Marysia ummm.... Had some physics to do. 
So today I want to share with you you some things! Marysia is hitting more and more followers, I'm so happy for her! And here is an amazing photo that she's put on Instagram yesterday 

Oh, so lovely! 
And my feed is probably a bit messy 😂 because I'm looking for what I want to do with this?! But it will get ok soon I hope. 

Here is one of my outfit posts and next with my ... Socks 😜 

And here are some things that I haven't post yet, but I love them! 

I know the quality is... I just know. But it's my favorite Instagram selfie I've ever took! 

So please wish Marysia good luck on her physics and I need to go to school! 


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