Sunday Funday


Long time no see, huh? We are very sorry, but after summer, school happened. Enjoy your Sunday evening :)

PS. I was definitely too blue but at Blogger I'm way too yellow... Natasha


Summer Rose

Hello there, lovely people! I have some summer tb for you today, my fav photos of Mary. One sunny day we decided to spend a day together (what a surprise) and we've ended up jumping in some park, full of this cliche flowers, roses.

Marysia is wearing American Apparel jungle printed sundress 


like a summer rose
needs the sun and rain
I need your sweet love
to beat love away


Plants are cute!

New plants are always a good idea. You're feeling sad? Cacti! And boom, happines! This monday I've bought some new plants. My room is turning into a garden but it's so cozy and pretty now :) I think I might do a room details post soon (if I decide to clean it up).

Here are some of my plants! Enjoy :) 


So yesah, here you go. Let us know if you want to see some ideas, how to decorate your bedroom, or maybe Mary could show some palms and trees fom her room? :) 


The Walls

Hi there!
During the summer we decided to redecorate our rooms a little bit and we want to share the results with you all.
We didn't really want to redo our whole rooms, we just wanted a little change so we decided to do something with our plain white walls. So what did we do? Well, we took out some magazines and cut  everything we liked out. We also had massive piles of cutouts and other pretty things we didn't know what to do with from the past year so we had a lot to choose from.

Natasha's wall had to be simple and cold-hued of course, so we chose some pretty landscapes (mainly sea and sky) to go with minimalistic quotes and white on white photoshoots. And then we added just a few of her favourite things  (Paris postcards, analog film, art gallery tickets) and we were done! 

Now my wall is a whole different story. I wanted it to be colorful, and not that organized at all. And I think that it resembles something more of an art installation than a wall over my bed but whatever. So what we did here is we just took the things I liked and just put them on the wall (even if it was an old record or earphones or an American Apparel bag or a piece of ivy or a necklace, that didn't really matter as long as they went together). To finish it off I took an ikea picture frame (the big oval one) and spray painted it purple, with tiny bits of blue and pink to go with the rest of my wall.

Hope you enjoyed this little post, see you soon! :)


Fall faves 2014

Hello guys! Mary did last-minute summer faves and I .. well, I wanted to do this post too, but I'm not summer kind of person, I think. So instead, here you have my Fall faves :)

1. "My Red Book" by Nava Design is best diary I've ever had. The pages are't white, they're a bit yellowish, with numbers.

2. Music:
AM by Arctic Monkeys! Am I late for about... A year? And as original as every english girl with an Instagram account?  Maybe.
Lazaretto by Jack White is perfect. Every song fits perfect to the rest, you can feel the emotions in Jack's voice.. Love it (I know every single lyrics and i drive everybody crazy)

3. My Acne jeans. First of all, they are size 23 and 7/8 kind of cut, so for as short person as I am, this blue jeans are perfect fit. I also really adore the fabric.

4. I think I've mentioned this knit in the previous post. Zara dark green one. No words, I want to live in it.

5. Moleskine school notebook with cream paper.

6. Aesop mandarine and rosemary hand cream.

7. Dior it-lash in Blue. It supposed to be a summer fashion thing, but why not use blue in autumn?

8. Nuxe honey lip balm

This is all! I hope you've enjoyed, let us know in the comment section below :)



Last-minute summer favourites

Summer is almost over but it's not over yet! So here are some of our absolute favourites from this summer (:

1. Skullcandy headphones

2. American Apparel oversized chiffon button-up

3. Grid print H&M sweatpants

4. Essie nail polish in 'Boom Boom Room'

5. Claire's holographic glitter nail polish

6. New Look parrot socks

7. American Apparel jungle leaves print skater dress

8. Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel

9. Original Source shower gel

10. Cute plants

11. LOVE Magazine 

12. Pink Kanken bag 

So these are my absolute summer favourites, I was practically living in them for the past two months  ;) May I get a chance to use these things more in September, please? :P Let me know what would you like us to do next down in the comments. See you very soon :)


Fall inspirations

Hi guys! How was your summer? I hope you had a perfect holiday and that you're ready for school!! You can expect many summer posts now, we've been quite lazy with our blog. But I think it's OK to stop for a while and enjoy your life. So many  things happened, we are exited to share everything with you! But first, I have some fall inspirations for you. :)

Cara Delevingne for the LOVE magazine photographed by Liz Collins
This is most probably one of my most favourite shoots ever. I'm so in love with all the colors, textures and the overall sweetness of the story. Also, Cara makes everything 100 times better.

Kenzo AW14 campaign
It's colorful, it's fun, it's kind of crazy. And I love it.

Evil eye nailart (spotted on Alexa Chung)
It's way easier than it looks, trust me. Also it looks super cute and goes well with almost everything.


I love the idea of Chanel paper bag and the little chain looks so cute. Almost Chanel almost nothing to write. 

 It's pretty obvious that Acne jeans are an absolute masterpiece. I own two pairs of these and to be honest I've never had better denim on my legs. I adore the fabric's texture and softness. My 'Ambition to Create Novel Expressions'  jeans will probably end up as a month fav. Or a life fav.

Looking at the latest Porter Magazine issue, green is a thing now. Personally, I like gray, brown and other sort of neutral colors so this makes Zara's green sweaters a perfect fall thing for such a colourful person as me.
Irene Kim
We both are absolutely in love with her and her blog (and her goregeous hair)