Fall faves 2014

Hello guys! Mary did last-minute summer faves and I .. well, I wanted to do this post too, but I'm not summer kind of person, I think. So instead, here you have my Fall faves :)

1. "My Red Book" by Nava Design is best diary I've ever had. The pages are't white, they're a bit yellowish, with numbers.

2. Music:
AM by Arctic Monkeys! Am I late for about... A year? And as original as every english girl with an Instagram account?  Maybe.
Lazaretto by Jack White is perfect. Every song fits perfect to the rest, you can feel the emotions in Jack's voice.. Love it (I know every single lyrics and i drive everybody crazy)

3. My Acne jeans. First of all, they are size 23 and 7/8 kind of cut, so for as short person as I am, this blue jeans are perfect fit. I also really adore the fabric.

4. I think I've mentioned this knit in the previous post. Zara dark green one. No words, I want to live in it.

5. Moleskine school notebook with cream paper.

6. Aesop mandarine and rosemary hand cream.

7. Dior it-lash in Blue. It supposed to be a summer fashion thing, but why not use blue in autumn?

8. Nuxe honey lip balm

This is all! I hope you've enjoyed, let us know in the comment section below :)