So it's spring. Finally. Well, not really, but now that the snow is gone, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and SUN IS SHINING. Which obviously means more natural light, more photos outside! Yay! So we have tons of ideas for new posts :)
Also, you might have noticed, we changed our hairstyles a bit. Yeah. We got rid of the pink and the blue/green/gray, whatever it was.  

Hi! So yes, I decided to dye my hair orange! Well not entirely, I left a little bit of my natural color near my head. It's kind of like ombre -my natural dark brown at the beggining slowly turning into chesnut/dark copper and then, through -well, I'll just call it orange because it is JUST ORANGE (nearly yellow in some places) to strawberry blonede at the tips. I was so tired of the green/gray/supposed to be blue pieces! I just had to cut them. I also cut it an little bit so it's curly again :) I've never dyed my all hair a whole different color, so I guess it's a pretty big change. But I absolutely LOVE IT! Now that I think about it, I probably wanted red/orange hair since I was a kid. I don't know why, I just always thought it was awesome. For example, in every book there is someone with red hair. Like EVERY book. And they are always awesome. Maybe it's the reason, I don't know. I want my hair to be more red at the beginning and more yellow at the tips, kind of like fire and I think I can do it in summer :p It also matches my new floral scarf from Zara and looks pretty nice with classic dark red lipstick. I'm also wearing my all-time favourite chess check Zara skirt and my younger brother's leather backpack with my handmade pins. And recently I've been experimenting with my clothes and style and everything, just like N. Well, to be honest I do it all the time. I just take some pieces that I think look good together (usually it is supposed to be inspired by something, but turns out completely different) and just go with it, and then, if I feel good in that I reuse the idea and modify a few things and... That's pretty much it. But one thing never changes, I'm always in love with all colors and crazy patterns and, more importantly, with everything that can be created by mixing them. 

Ok, so my hair was supposed to be somewhere around my shoulders till summer. Well, it defineatly won't. There is always something that makes me cut it. Like, ALWAYS. This time, the situation was a bit different from usual, because I decided to dye it pink, which, let's be honest, wasn't the wisest decision to be made with such dry hair. But when am I supposed to dye them, if not now? In my 40s? Luckily they were long enough to cut only the half. And there's pretty much positive sides to it, too:
❤️I can wear hats and not look like a total idiot (but I don't like them anyway)
❤️Washing them doesn't take up 40minutes and a half a bottle of conditioner
❤️I can use my hair dryer, or whatever, I can make them look the way I want, a big pile of I-don't-even-know-what-that-something-should-be-called on my head isn't necesarilly the look I'm going for. Also, any kind of hair products started working on my hair!
❤️Maybe it's something connected with every single new hairstyle, but i just feel real good. I don't think that's because of this major change in my life, but I don't waste so much time and energy on putting all those hair products in my hair and stuff
❤️I'm not saying colorful hair's bad, no, not at all, it's great, but that is not what every other person is thinking. If they are not judging it by the color (which obviously the majority of people is doing), they judge it by the condition, which, let's be real, isn't good at all

I think that everyone, sooner or later, will do something that, looking back, will just look silly and stupid, but unless it's something dangerous - it's totally worth it! This way we can get to know what do we really want, what describes us, this way we can learn on our mistakes...
Now onto my clothes. Honestly, now I'm just trying. Trying everything. One day I'm a cute pastel pink kid, another I'm looking like straight from American Apparel catalogue, sometimes I want to look like I don't really care about what I'm wearing, sometimes i want to look like I'm on a fashion week. Here I'm wearing the jacket that is more 'fashion-week-like' than any other thing in my closet. It's such a bright accent to my whole current grey blue and black style.
Marysia ZARA skirt, scarf, BERSHKA jacket, CAMPER shoes, ZARA KIDS backpack and SISLEY blouse
Natasza ZARA total look, KENZO jacket, DR. MARTENS boots, vintage bag, MUM's sth on neck

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